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About Me

Second Year Games Programming Undergrad studying at Staffordshire University. Currently working with C++ and C# to create Games.

Loves to get involved in different societies and events put on by the Uni such as the Games Development Society, Mario Kart Society and in various Game Jams


Here are my featured projects, created during my time at Staffordshire University, Game Jams and Personal projects.
Any code for the University can not be public in accordance with University Policy, but can be shown for a limited time upon request.

Screenshot of Monogame Networking Project

Monogame Networking Project

Using C# and Monogame to create a game that is fully synced over two clients

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Screenshot of DirectX 11 Graphics Project

DirectX 11 Graphics Project

Using C++ and DirectX 11 to demonstrate different graphical techniques

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Screenshot of OpenGL Graphics Project

OpenGL Graphics Project

Using the OpenGL libraries to create a textured scene in C++

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Mario Game Screen


Using C++ to recreate the Super Mario Bros arcade game from scratch

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Cold Circle London Game Screen

Cold Circle London

Creating a game from scratch using C++ and the S2D library

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Screenshot of 2D Platformer

The Great Fruit Heist

2D Platformer made in the Unity game engine

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